The ETICS is the acronym for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems as a free translation into Greek rendered as external thermal insulation composite systems. The ETICS systems can be applied both to old as well as in new constructions. For not the old mainly is the only reliable and tested for years way insulation used extensively worldwide. It offers complete energy upgrade the building to immediately understand the application. For no new construction is the cheapest best and fastest way for building insulation. Because it covers the entire surface of the external walls resulting in the complete elimination of thermal bridges in the whole structure, including the prevention of all structural elements of the building (concrete, walls), due to this longevity.
It is very important when you decide to do external insulation in your building, you can select a complete certified ETICS system. Because then and only then, you are absolutely sure that all the individual system products such as adhesives, insulating plates, mounting materials, fiberglass, leveling adhesive and topcoat are perfectly compatible with each other and you will "accompany" for many years without detachments problems, cracking, peeling, etc.
The company has developed a complete and integrated certified external thermal insulation system of old and new buildings 100% ACRYL THERMONOSYSTEM. To ensure the highest quality and implementation of the system has been certified with two European standards ETICS. According to EN 13499 EPS polystyrene and EN 13500 MW with rockwool. Thereby achieve the best possible thermal conditions for both winter and summer.
The insulation system 100% ACRYL THERMONOSYSTEM has incomparable advantages, particularly for old buildings such as zero thermal bridges across the construction, zero moisture absorption and elimination of the phenomenon of mold walls and beams.


  • Energy building upgrade.
  • Free Thermal measurement.
  • Written warranty 12 years material and application.
  • 8-12% additional insulation from competition by welding with GLUE FOAM.
  • Huge adhesion with elasticity and tightness from 100% organic glue POLY GLUE.
  • Indelible colors with pasty organic SOVACRYL plaster.
  • The cheapest market certified external thermal insulation system at a price € / m².
  • Excellent cooperation both expanded EPS and XPS with extruded polystyrene.
  • Amortization within 3-5 years.
  • Economy up to 85% of the heating operating costs.