Environmental policy

Our company cares so continually activities to have the least possible environmental impact. In order to fulfill this target our company he developed an Environmental Management System according to the standard ISO 14001:2004, which addresses all issues related to the environment.

Seeking to further improve its performance in environmental matters, the company determines and review at regular intervals environmental objectives and targets, taking into account:

• the environmental legislation
• the significant environmental aspects
• the technology options
• the general targets of the company
• the views of stakeholders eg, customers, residents, organizations, etc.
• the financial capability of the company

In addition, staff has been informed about the requirements of the environmental management system, environmental policy, objectives and targets, the impact of the company's activities on the environment and possible emergencies and the required response. The company also caters to raise awareness of external partners in order to minimize environmental impact.
Also participates in an approved collective alternative management of packaging (EUPM). All the above, combined with the constant and active effort of all participants have resulted in the continuous improvement of integrated Environmental Management System.