Company profile

CHROMODOMI founded in 1988 in Thessaloniki on street Martiou. In the beginning, the company specialized in producing plastic and acrylic colors in intention to their excellent quality and their adaptation to market requirements. This specialization in combination with its continuing efforts to ensure healthy and lasting partnerships allowed it to establish itself in the market and gradually improve its position in this one. The result of its development was the  relocation in its owned facilities in Industrial Area of  Sindos in 1992. This relocation concluded in the expansion of activities and the products range of the company, resulting in its increasing presence throughout Greece but also in Balkan region. Then our company proceeds with the development of its own coloring system "POLYCHROMIES" in 1997.


From 2001 to today CHROMODOMI has been established in its new modern facilities of 7000 m2 in Industrial Area of  Sindos. At the same time acquires the Environmental Management System certification "EN ISO 14001: 2004", Quality Management System certification "EN ISO 9001: 2008” as well as several products certifications based on international standards.


The aim was that the new plant operates under advanced technologies and European operating standards that ensure:


  • Ecological waste management
  • Excellent production conditions
  • Laboratory quality control
  • Research and Development Laboratory
  • Modern warehouse organization
  • Reliable safety systems (fire detection, fire fighting, etc.)


As part of its progress our company integrates the production line of innovative Internal and External Thermal Insulation Systems in 2003.


Following technological developments the company continuously upgrades its equipment, organizes frequent seminars for its staff so as to remain highly trained and maintain direct contact with its customers to achieve an impeccable cooperation.

Consequence of this fact is the ongoing expansion of its network, which now consists of over 450 participating stores geographically covering the whole country.


Today, CHROMODOMI activates in the following areas


  • Production of coloring products for various surfaces.
  • Production and sales of internal and external insulation systems.
  • Production of specialized cleaning products.
  • Production of decoration paints.
  • Production of liner colors.
  • Production of industrial paints.
  • Production of repair products.
  • Marketing of paint tools and related items


CHROMODOMI continues to operate in intention of gradually upgrading of its products and services, maintaining and improving existing partnerships and creating new ones and meeting the growing clients’ needs thus remaining on a successful course.